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How strategies work

Investment strategies operating on the EA system - an automated trading system.

Our investment strategies leverage the advantages of the Forex market, bringing instant liquidity and constant oversight. With full control over your capital, which remains in your personal account with the broker, you have the option to withdraw money at any time. You can start investing from small amounts and further utilize the principle of compound interest during your investment. Depending on the strategy type and based on your investment preferences, you can choose between our conservative and dynamic strategies and achieve returns ranging from 2% to 8% monthly.

Joining the investment strategy based on EA principle allows you to benefit from trading in the Forex market without the need to learn traditional trading. kolo

Dynamic EA investment strategy

NASH Dynamic

Monthly target

8 %

Capital Guard

-45 %

Risk level


Conservative EA investment strategy


Monthly target

3 %

Capital Guard

-50 %

Risk level


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We pride ourselves on a fair reward system based on a truly quality product. Rewards in our system are based on monthly profits and are evenly distributed among us and our partners.

We do not reward for simple client acquisition, as is the case with competing strategies that seek profits without the need for a quality product. Our priority is fairness and a quality long-term product and system that helps our investors achieve above-standard returns on their investment while also offering the opportunity to participate in commissions from executed trades to our partners.

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Dual commission system

Strategy commission

The realized profit of the business strategy is divided between the investors, who receive 70%, and the remaining 30% of the profit is divided between us and our partners.




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Spread commission

The main income of Roboforex broker, where we trade copy strategies, is fees from trades made on clients' trading accounts. Roboforex shares this profit with its clients within the affiliate program.

Paid out daily to your Roboforex account.

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Join our community of successful investors

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Frequently Asked Questions


All your funds remain in your account with a certified broker, to which you have exclusive access. This means you have complete control over your invested funds.

With the real strategy, you can start with a minimum deposit of $200, but the average investment usually reaches $10,000. The final decision on the investment amount is entirely up to you.

Copying strategies is possible through the broker RoboForex, which offers a wide range of trading tools and modern platforms with low costs. It is regulated by leading authorities, ensuring the safety of your financial resources. In our 6 years of experience, we have had no negative experiences with RoboForex, confirming its reliability and trustworthiness.

You don’t need any, everything runs automatically and all operating costs are fully covered by us. Just register on RoboForex, verify your account, and deposit funds. Then you can simply connect to the strategies and start earning.

Yes, you can. We recommend creating a separate account for each strategy, which allows for more efficient portfolio diversification and risk minimization.

Yes, that can happen. Investing carries the risk of loss, which cannot be overlooked. Profit guarantee is not possible, but each strategy has a defined value of maximum possible decline using the Capital Guard feature.

Yes, you can cancel the investment anytime or temporarily suspend copying. There are no fees for canceling or suspending.

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